What's the difference between the Original, Airflow and All Seasons?

A great place to compare differences and see all our measurements is our comparison chart here: http://lillebaby.com/index.php/compare

We also have a few other blog posts that might help; http://lillebaby.com/blog/which-lille-to-love-the-complete-original-vs-the-complete-embossed/ 

Both the Airflow and All Seasons are part of our COMPLETE lines, so they share many of the same features. The major difference between the COMPLETE Airflow and the COMPLETE All Seasons is that the Airflow is all mesh, and the All Seasons features a cotton covering, and a zip away panel that reveals the mesh under so you can control temperatures. The pocket is smaller on the COMPLETE All Seasons to accommodate the zip down panel, but they have the same 6 carrying positions and weight limits as seen on our compare chart.

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